What's baking in the kitchen?!

Homework Assistance

Math ACT Tutoring

Homework Assistance/Test Preparation for students in Kindergarten through College! 

Math Camps

Fun Math Camps for groups of 5 or more on Algebra, Geometry or Alegbra II/Trig!

Our Mission

ACT Prep for students preparing to take the ACT! 

Math Enrichment

A great way to recap your last course or prepare for upcoming course! 

Baker’s Learning Kitchen aims to create a learning experience for the student that empowers confidence, enhances knowledge and conquers mathematical concepts. 


Baking YOUR ingredients for success! 

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"Mrs. Baker tutored my daughter for 9th grade honors geometry. My daughter struggles with math. Mrs. Baker helped her build confidence and showed how to break math problems down to figure out correct answers. Her services are the best decision we’ve made to help our daughter with math. She is awesome!"